An Ode to the Western Women

Beautiful painting by
Beautiful painting by

“The world will be saved by the western women.”  The Dalai Lama

People of a certain age might remember a commercial from the 1980’s for some sort of perfume.  This sexy woman comes strutting into view, singing sassily, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never never let you forget your a man, cause I’m a woman.”  If you want to refresh your memory go have a look-see here.

As an impressionable teenager I watched this, and things like this, with excitement and enthusiasm.  Yes!  I can have it all.  I can have a fulfilling career, a marriage, a family, and, happy days are here again, bacon!  And it was with this attitude that I, and so many like me forged ahead to create this utopian world for ourselves.

Fast forward 15 years.  I can bring home the bacon, but really, you expect me to cook it too?  And when that is all done, dishes dried and put away, then I get to bathe the baby, read stories, sing songs, try to fit a full day’s worth of parental loving into a few short hours, tuck her in bed, along with a healthy dose of motherly guilt, then throw in some laundry, set up coffee and lunches for the morning, pay the bills, and with my five free minutes before I collapse into bed I get to never, never let you forget your a man?  Oh lucky me.

The problem with being able to have it all, is that we ended up having it all.  My  cup literally was running over. My balls were in the air and I was juggling as fast as I could, keeping everything going, being the best superwoman I could be.  But baby, it was giving me a supersized case of the shivering fits.

Women of my generation (give or take a few decades) faced that double edged sword.  We juggled and danced and whistled and then we fell down.  The lessons came in so many ways, but the results were universal.  We needed to stop life as human “doings” and get back to life as human “beings”.  We were broken open in so many ways.  Our wake up calls came in the forms of divorce, losing jobs, sickness, loss, death.  There were tough times, impossibly tough, but we have finally been delivered to this moment in history and we are ready for what comes next.

In my spiritually inspired journey over the past couple of years I have travelled many places, attended many seminars and lectures, taken classes and workshops, all in the attempt to understand this existence.  In my travels I have noticed something interesting.  The demographic at all of these events is predominantly women.  We range in age from 20 to 102, but the vast majority of us are in those tender middle years, floating in our 40s, 50s and 60s.  We have softer skin around our jawlines, our curves are not as perky as they once were but we have grace and beauty in our souls that shines brightly.  And we find each other.

It’s like an old movie where the man and woman look across the crowded dance floor.  Their eyes meet and there is this zing of recognition.  But for us it happens with like minded souls.  We come to the workshops, we look around a sea of strangers and our eyes meet.  Wham-o!  I know you!   We introduce ourselves and start to talk as if we entered in the middle of a sentence.  We know each other instantly.  Our stories spill out and we hug and hold hands and laugh and feel like we’ve finally found our long lost sister.

First there was Katie from Australia, who had been healed of liver cancer at a Dr. Brian Weiss seminar.  She is intuitive and shares her truth in such a matter of fact way it inspires me to do the same (no matter how crazy I may seem).  Then there is Diane from Oregon.  She taught me about loving Jesus despite Christianity and let me practice doing a regression on her over Skype.  Joan, my beloved Reiki Master who has taught me so very much in such a short time.  She writes me poetry to support my journey and reaches out in love when I don’t even know I need her to.  And I always need her to.   There is also another Kate.  She and I attended the same past life workshop but didn’t meet until the not so random workings of the interweb brought us to each other and we discovered a kinship and commonality that continues to surprise me.  That same random internet brought others, people who have read my experiences and have felt inspired to reach out to me.  Their reaching out has allowed us to connect and build a network of likeminded people that literally spans the globe (and I’m not even exaggerating here).

And in this interweaving of relationships we have created a tapestry of love and compassion.  We are indeed greater than the sum of our parts.  Together we learn, inspire, teach and grow.  We gain strength through adversity, we laugh and bless each other, we journey and grow to greater understanding because of each other.

And we will save the world.  Of this I have no doubt.