Lessons from the Mountains

Just up the road a bit
Just up the road a bit

I’ve never met a mountain I didn’t love.  Here are a few things living in the mountains has taught me:

  1. The steeper the climb, the better the view.
  2. There are many paths, each equal in its ability to take you to the top.
  3. What you send out will echo back to you.
  4. Looking down on someone else is only useful if you are reaching to help them up.
  5. The view from the top puts a lot of things in perspective.
  6. The climb is always worth it.
  7. They will forever remind you to follow every rainbow, til you find your dream.

Here are a few of my mountains:

fisher Steeples

Our Legacy

Our only real legacy when we shed this life and fly for home is what we did for one another.  How well did we love?  How kind were we?  What moments of compassion or understanding did we share with one another.

And so, from this moment on when we would turn a blind eye, may we extend our hand instead, and ask:

How May I Serve?

Do You Believe in Angels?

Angel Wings by yuropa (Aaron Kelley)
Angel Wings by yuropa (Aaron Kelley)

Do you believe in Angels?

According to a recent poll by the Associated Press nearly 77 percent of adults in North America believe that Angels exist.  While angels are non denominational they appear in most of the world’s religions. And stories of Angels existed long before religions such as Judaism and Christianity were formed. Angels, or celestial beings with slightly different labelling show up in Buddhism and Hinduism, Celtic and Norse mythology and in many Shamanistic legends.

Personally, I have met a few Angels of my own.  They have shown up when I needed them the most, sometimes in physical form and sometimes as a whisper in my ears.  The more I have been open to their presence, the more they seem to make their presence known.  It seems that by reaching out to them, they are able to reach back.   And they really want to help us, but only can if we ask them to.  And really, who are we kidding?  Can’t we all use a little help these days? The Angels always seem to bring me just the right words, messages, signs and synchronicities when I need them the most.  And for that I am truly grateful.

If you want a little help connecting with your own angels pop over here to my Services page and see if anything resonates.  I would be honored to help bring you their messages.

And whether you believe in Angels or not, it doesn’t really matter.  Because they believe in you.

Remembering to Exhale

scared audience

Going to see Friday the 13th (Part 1…yes I am old) seemed like such a good idea at the time.  We teenagers arrived en masse at the local Armond Theatre, loaded up on popcorn and licorice, then sat right in the front row, ready for the thrill of the slaughter.  Even before the credits rolled, we could feel the sick roil of anticipation in our guts, shrieking and giggling with the whole idea of being frightened.

I lasted until about the third loud music-ky jump out and scare you moment.  The rest of my evening consisted of me sitting in the lobby, listlessly eating my popcorn, feeling unworthy and small.  This was way before iPhones (or any kind of phones except the ones that plugged into the wall and had rotary dials… yes I am old) so I couldn’t even snap chat or text anyone.    The others came out of the theatre two hours later, laughing hysterically and telling me I really missed a good one.

Back in those olden days I came to realize (after several long evenings in the lobby of the Armond Theatre… yes I’m old and a slow learner) that I do not like being scared.  And I don’t understand why anyone would.

You’ve seen them.  You know who I mean.  Those crazy adrenalin junkies, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, swimming with sharks, eating poisonous fish, riding roller coasters!  Why would anyone want to scare themselves like that?

As with all questions, I turned to my source for all things:  Google.  Surprisingly, I found that fear and excitement are two sides of the very same physiological coin.  Our bodies release the same adrenalin whether we are frightened or excited.  Interesting…. So if that is the case, how can we use this in our daily lives to help us?

Turns out, it’s all about the breath.

When adrenalin is released we can either hold our breath, which causes it to react in our bodies as fear, or we can breathe out instead and it magically transforms into excitement.  For Example do as follows:




Seems like a no brainer to me.  The next time I am faced with jumping out of an airplane, or riding a roller coaster, or I happen to run into a hobo spider in my kitchen sink, I will try to remember to exhale.

And even those small fears, the ones that stop me from speaking my truth, or from doing what is authentic to me because I fear I may be judged?  I’m just going to breathe out and do them anyways.  Using the momentum of thrill beats freezing with horror any day of the week.

Even if it is Friday the 13th.

Let It Begin With Me


The Christmas season is upon us. May your days be filled with joy and wonder and may you always realize that the important things in life aren’t things. May you remember it is more important to spend time than money and may you carry the light of Christmas within you throughout the year. Blessings friends and Merry Christmas