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Reiki Level 2 – Enhancing Intuition

April 2, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

| $250

Who knows what miracles we can achieve…

Reiki Level 2 is normally focused on expanding understanding of the Universal Light Force Energy and allowing the practitioner to become adept at bringing wellness and healing to self and others.  

Brenda has been guided to offer this specialized class, which will attune you to the second degree of Reiki and will focus more specifically on enhancing your gifts of intuition, allowing you to tap more fully into your abilities. 

During this training you will:
  • Be attuned and begin to work with the sacred energy of Reiki at an expanded level
  • Be given the sacred symbols of Reiki and learn to apply them to wellness practice, distance healing, and beyond
  • Learn how to apply the sacred symbols to intuitive practice, opening and expanding your own natural gifts
  • Begin to discover how to do past life readings on yourself and on others
  • Delve into your innate spiritual gifts of mediumship, using the powerful flow of Reiki to assist you in connecting with those on the other side
  • Have hours of experiential practice to build confidence and understanding of how messages and memories are offered and received
  • Connect with your own guides and celestial team, and learn to communicate with them and through them
  • Enhance your own powers of intuition
  • Give and receive messages from spirit with others in the workshop
  • Give and receive past life readings with others in the workshop and with Reiki Master Teacher, and Past Life Regression Therapist, Brenda Ann Babinski

If you have begun to work with Reiki and are looking to work within the flow to enhance and discover your spiritual gifts, then this workshop is for you.

Registration is open to anyone with Level 1 Reiki or higher, from any lineage.

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me againBrenda Ann Babinski is the author of Pieces of Me, Memoirs of a Past Life Tourist, is an award winning blogger, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive-Medium and Past Life Regression Therapist.  Speaker, Seeker, Teacher and Student, Brenda brings joy, compassion and understanding to all that she does, with a healthy dose of laughter thrown in.

I have had the pleasure of sitting with Brenda through both a Reiki session and a personal reading. During my Reiki I experienced great comfort, relaxation and relief of my symptoms. Her gentle nature and healing expertise were greatly appreciated and very effective. Brenda’s reading gave me some informative personal direction. She was very thorough and gave each card placed time to be deeply interpreted. Her approach was positive and uplifting while providing the answers to my inward questions. I find Brenda to be a very sensitive, caring and happy individual with a soft voice and a kind heart. I would highly recommend her to any of my family and friends!

Brenda's healing energy expands and creates a loving healing environment.  I was involved with a group past life regression at Lotus Books and experienced a deep meditation that allowed me to experience a past life.  i looked forward to the drop in sessions as it was a weekly grounding and recentering that lifted my energy.
Thank you Brenda

Brenda is the gentlest, kindest soul I’ve ever met, on top of which she has a prolific understanding of the spiritual world. Her goal in life is to serve and to create a safe place for all of us to meet with our highest selves. I have personally experienced the transformational power of her past life regressions, the restorative magic of her Reiki treatments, and the deep intuitive insight that comes from her Readings. There is literally not one person on the planet that I can recommend more strongly as your spiritual lamplighter

Brenda, I felt compelled to let you know that I have listened to the reading you did for me MANY times! It has helped to get me through some of the hardest parts of my upcoming separation (and my husband's resistance to it). The reading was SPOT on and so inspirational. Thank you my dear!! I hope your skills are being blessed all over the place.   Love, S****

My Skype meeting with Brenda was both affirming and confirming regarding so many anticipated events in the near and not-so-near future.  Without knowing anything personal about me, Brenda amazed me with her accuracy in backing up significant events and situations I had recently been told about during a Reading with a very respected astrologer.  Not only did Brenda confirm everything that had been told to me in my astrological reading but she also gave me more in-depth information about it all.  I was very encouraged and refer back to my Reading with her as a reminder and also as inspiration.

The reading I had with you last fall was very accurate. Thank you, Brenda.

I so loved it; It is right on point and the fact that you bring up The Butterfly and the cocoon is crazy.  I am truly grateful for this reading as it came at a most critical time in my life's journey. Thank you so much and I am sending source energy your way as a gift, you are truly in your zone Brenda. Namaste

Like many people, I have read Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss and was fascinated by the whole idea of past lives and how they can affect our current lives.  Imagine my joy when I learned that Brenda had trained under Dr. Weiss and was now qualified to guide past life regressions herself.  I’m a strong believer that an open mind makes for a life worth living so I jumped right in and set up an appointment with my dear friend for a regression.  My experience was unique and enjoyable and Brenda, with her amazing skills and calming influence, makes this fun, easy and very informative. 



April 2, 2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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