8 Traits of an Empath

Living in the world is not easy for the sensitive souls.  Cruelty, drama, sickness, war and strife are hard enough to bear, but humanity’s inhumanity is untenable.  Many evolved souls are able to channel their frustration and rage into causes and rallies and righteous indignation.  But others are simply too sensitive.  They would prefer to hide in a box, in a closet, in a dark basement, shielding themselves from the horrors that exist in this world.  They feel things too deeply.  They seem to take on the sorrows of the world.  These sensitive souls are known as Empaths.

Empaths are emotionally sensitive people who absorb others’ emotions and physical symptoms.  They are sponges for the physical, emotional and spiritual junk that others carry around.

Do any of the following sound familiar?  You might be an Empath if…

  1.  You just know things.  Someone can walk up to you and start talking and your BS meter will be off the charts.  You know they are lying.  You don’t know how you know, but you know.  Being around anyone who is entrenched in ego becomes like nails on a chalkboard and you avoid them like the plague.  When you are cornered by somebody who is not coming from a place of authenticity, you freeze, like a deer in the headlights.  Can’t. Talk. Must. Flee…..
  2. You feel like the world’s biggest hypochondriac.  Walking through a gathering you will suddenly get a pain in your knee as you walk past someone.  That will pass and then someone will stop you to talk and your head will begin to ache.  They leave, and your head clears, but someone else will walk behind you and you will feel dizzy and off kilter.  Anxiety crawls up the back of your neck and you just want to hide.
  3. Your moods swing like a pendulum, making you wonder if you have perpetual PMS.  You can feel high as a kite, singing and dancing in your mind, when suddenly you will plunge into the abyss of darkness, verging on tears of despair.  Then the rage will pop in for a few minutes.  You circle around to manic panic, but it isn’t until you are safely alone that you will return to calm.
  4. The word “bartender” or “therapist” must be tattooed on your forehead, because no matter where you go, people stop you to tell you their life story, sharing detailed, personal problems and unloading all of their stuff onto you.
  5. While in large (or small) groups of people, you often feel as if you are about to swoon.  Crowds give you claustrophobic and you avoid them at all costs.
  6. You crave alone time.  Especially in nature, or with your pets.  You have fantasies about living on a desert island or moving somewhere remote and living in a cabin in the woods.  If not for indoor plumbing you might already be on your way.
  7. You have the disease to please.  If somebody is ailing, or needs anything, you tend to bend over backwards to make things right for that person, even if it is at the expense of your own well being.  You love to make people happy and avoid confrontation.
  8. Standing up for yourself is very difficult.  You can go to the ends of the earth in defense of anybody else, but when you feel attacked or mistreated, you tend to just silently take it.

Sound familiar?  If so, the chances are good that you are an Empath.

But fear not! No need to run and hide! There are tools and resources to help you Survive and even THRIVE.

Local folks, check this out:  Survival Guide for Sensitives 

Everyone else… stay tuned to this space.  A handy dandy list of survival techniques will be coming your way in the next week.  Don’t touch that dial!


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