My Message from Wayne

I haven’t shared this recording with many people until now.  It happened a few years ago and I know a lot of you have read about this experience.  I felt compelled to share this message that I saved… this is the first time I heard from Dr. Wayne Dyer.

It holds such a special place in my memory, and I hope it brings some joy for all of you to hear his voice again.  <3


4 thoughts on “My Message from Wayne”

  1. So beautiful. Wonderful to see lhow love connects us in such profound, soul nourishing, love generating ways. I had just listened to a recording with Wayne on Hay House. To come across your post immediately afterwards and hear him again is very inspirational. Thank you dear Brenda. Love and blessings to you.

    1. He has so much wisdom to share, even still. Now that he is limitless he seems to be showing up everywhere 😉

    1. Yes… we spoke several times 🙂 He was as genuine and funny one on one as you see him in his recorded seminars. A truly wonderful guy.

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