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  1. It was on a message board in 2006. I thought I might find it but it has way too many pages, LOL. I did find this blurb from Anita from http://www.goddess.com.au who also posted about her though… enjoy

    Goddess of the Week: HINA

    Champion of words and ideas, Butterfly goddess Hina represents meaningful communication between women, and facilitates the sharing of truth between women and men.


    ~ I share truth fearlessly
    ~ Clear communication comes easily
    ~ It is easy to articulate my feelings
    ~ I release my anger, I embrace joy
    ~ I connect with my needs, and let them be known
    ~ My insecurity is replaced with wisdom
    ~ I am heard and understood

    Related gemstones: Lapis lazuli, aquamarine, turquoise (light blue stones)

    Hina is a Butterfly Goddess of the Pacific Islanders. She is known as the first woman – hence the Hawaiian word for woman: ‘wahine’. She lives in the moon, having travelled there on a rainbow path via the sun.

    As a communicator, her inspiring speeches and ideas give birth to new ways of thinking. She is a messenger, a carrier of news and creator of ideas. Whipping her followers into a fervour of idealism, her speeches vibrate with inspirational energy.


    You may be in a situation right now that requires leadership. Someone needs you to take the reins and fly with inspiration. Call on Hina’s vibrant energy to articulate what it is you need to succeed in your


    Each day brings with it new opportunity to start afresh – break old habits, take up new and healthier ones, or find hope for new achievable resolutions. So start every morning with optimism. Start your sentences with “I can”, and abandon traditional reasons for not starting your project.

    Imagine yourself as a beautiful butterfly that has been crammed up inside a dark and dingy cacoon for the last few months. Feel the energy surge through your body as you are released from your old habits and excuses.

    Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done tomorrow – take the initiative and power your way through your task list today so that you can rest tomorrow!

  2. I originally saw this on prayer flags for the Aztec ‘Obsidian Butterfly” named Itzpapalotl who was an agriculture goddess. I used the image a few years ago on a blurb I wrote on the Hawaiian butterfly goddess Hina. Ill see if I can find the artist for you, it is a striking image!

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