14 thoughts on “Breezes at Dawn”

  1. For a long time in my life, it was those quiet morning voices that had turned on me, and in doing so, had turned my whole life upside down. It took a lot of hard work with the help of both MD’s and counselors, as well as a return to a spiritual walk that I had let slip away for awhile, and only now am I once again beginning to welcome the voices that help me prepare for every great day, happy or sad, that lays ahead, knowing that its not mainly the joy or sorrow, but having the day to share with others that really counts. I’m happy to say that very often your page slips right on in there with the rest of those small voices. Thank-you.

    1. I am happy to be a part of your journey. My hope is that the whispers you hear from my corner of the world bring you comfort, compassion and maybe just a bit of humor. What’s life without laughter, right? Blessings, my friend <3

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