Inhaling Spirit


“Let the beauty we love be what we do.  There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi

The answers always come to me in the stillness when I sit and listen to God.  Not long ago these words, loudly, resoundingly, silently:

I am the open vessel through which my Divine creation flows

What’s that now?  The message came to me during meditation on the morning of January 15, 2014.  I know this for a fact because as soon as I came out of meditation I typed it into my iPhone “notes” so that I wouldn’t forget.  I needed to remember these words because I had to figure out what the heck they meant.

Being creative has always been a calling for me.  I have tried my hand at drawing, painting, quilting, costume designing, prop building, stain glass design, and of course, writing.  I adore getting lost in the process.  The inspiration comes, I gather my supplies, I download my lessons and tips, I carve out some time and then I find a patch of sunlight and CREATE something.  The results have ranged from the downright ridiculous to the surprisingly sublime.  But as with most journeys, the destination is not as important as the path itself, and as I grow wise (I’m over 50, so I get to call myself wise) I realize that the process of creating is what I have been seeking, and not necessarily the products of that process.

I am hooked on the creative process.  I feel so alive when I am inspired, flushed with excitement.  Some idea will occur to me, seemingly from nowhere and I become consumed with it.  Etymologically speaking, Inspiration literally means inhaling spirit, or to be under the immediate influence of God.  When I am first inspired, in those precious moments before my thinking, judging mind steps in and takes over, I feel such a wave of euphoria. It is as if I finally recognize that I’ve had wings all along and I suddenly remember I can fly.  I try to stay in that space of inspiration as long as possible, careful to quiet the nagging voices of my ego long enough to get the creation flowing.

While in that flow of inspiration I create the authentic expression of my most Divine self.  Once I get my ego out of the way and allow the flow of inspiration I am able to become that vessel for the creation itself.  The creation has a longing to come into existence and I am the instrument helping it to find form.  Seeing my role as being of service to the divine flow has helped me to remove any self doubt or judgment, and left me free to be completely authentic.

I create to tell, not to sell.  When I have set my mind to create for any personal gain (money, fame, etc.) I have tripped and fallen before taking a real step.  When I free myself to create for the sake of creating, I fly.  Creating for its own sake allows me to forget that others may see, read, judge what I am doing, and takes the self consciousness away.  I am then able to be authentic, brave and true to who I really am.  Oh what a feeling… what a rush!

Discovering our spiritual nature is the purpose of this human experience. The ultimate creator is God and by becoming creators we connect with that part of ourselves that is divine.   There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground, as Rumi says.  Each creation is a prayer of sorts, an answer to the silent voice of the divine that whispers to our hearts, inspiring us to fly.

Find a patch of sunshine.  Carve out the time.  Create.  And then you will remember you too can fly.

9 thoughts on “Inhaling Spirit”

  1. This is an incredible post which I will return to so that I can read it again and again. It’s about going back to one’s center, which is something we all need to consciously work on doing each and every day of our lives. Thank you so much for bringing this message into the world, authentically. Is the lovely picture featured in this post a work of yours?

    1. Hi Ali,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly appreciate your feedback. It is nice to know that my words resonates somewhere out there in the world 🙂 And the picture is actually from Chatpetit1 on Deviant Art. I loved the colors and compositions so much I wanted to showcase it somehow.

  2. What a great post! The message I got during one of my quiet times was “the creative force of the Universe is in me” and from then on I never doubted my ability to create. What you say is so true! when I create and let the inspiration take form and follow the guidance surprisingly my work has received attention and recognition. This past 1 year my work has been published by one of the biggest publication in my line of work and I still can’t belive it sometimes!!

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