Teach Your Children Well

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”  Frederick Douglass

Years ago my daughter, Emily and I were travelling to visit my American Boyfriend (now known as my American Husband).  We were between trains, sitting in the Amtrak station in Chicago.  4 year old Emily was in the play area and had found two little girls her own age to play with. 

The little girls played together for an hour or so and then our train was ready to board.  We gathered our gear and headed down the tracks to find our seats.   Once settled we enjoyed the scenery as we pulled out of the Chicago yard and into the city.  Emily was chatting away, telling me all about the girls she had met.  Alisha had said something funny and Candice had fallen backwards onto the ground because she laughed too hard.  That made all three of them laugh really loudly. 

“Which one is Alisha?” I asked.

“She is the one with braids.  Candice had on the pink shirt.”

The little girl with the braids was of African American heritage.   4 year old Emily was completely oblivious to any differences in the color of her skin compared to Alisha’s so what Emily saw as the defining feature was that Alisha wore her hair in braids.   This pleased me so very much.

How perfectly beautiful are these children who come to us without any preprogramming?  The differences that society points to as being important are meaningless to these young souls who only label what they are taught to label. The tragedy is that these children are taught to lose that color blindness and are sometimes even taught to hate and judge, instead of loving unconditionally. 

Our society has come a long way since the times of segregation, race riots and open prejudice.  Yes, we are getting so much better.  Years of civil disobedience, public outcries and courageous leadership have created a world where there are rules in place to protect individuals so that they can be safe, speak their truths, find education and not be discriminated against based on their ethnicity, religion or gender.  Slowly but persistently the world is beginning to understand that there is only one race and that is the human race.  Western society is not 100% there, but we are well past that magic tipping point.  We are becoming the change we wished to see in this world.

But there is still one fight left to win, and it is an important one.

The Dalai Lama says that the world will be saved by the Western Women.  I believe this is true and as such we Western Women have a most important job.   

Western Women must lead the way to end the ban on marriage equality so that our children can live in a world where there are no more governments trying to legislate this prejudice. We must raise our children so that by the time they reach our age, nobody will ever have to hide in a closet, but will be able to casually mention whether they are LGBTQ or S as easily as they state whether they are left handed or right. Or if they don’t mention it, nobody will care because it just won’t matter.  In this new world our children will be accepted for who they are, inside and out.  If we teach our children well, the old stereotypes and prejudices will have to become obsolete. 

Most importantly, if we Western Women do our job well, then our children will be able to freely and naturally express themselves in all of their relationships without fear of judgment or ridicule.  (And of course our children will never judge or ridicule others because we have taught them well).   

So Western Women (and Men and anybody else who wants to be part of this solution) let us stand up and be counted.  Let our voices be heard so loudly that they will not be ignored.  Let our lights shine so brightly that every little corner of residual apathy and hatred is forever eradicated.   Let us vote, and speak up, and support one another.  Let us make sure that every single person has the same basic human rights: to live authentically, and love authentically without fear or judgment. 

Like Victor Huge said, there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.  Unless of course, it is an idea whose time has come and is being spearheaded by a group of strong, fabulous Western Women leading the charge.  We really are saving this world, and we are doing it with style. 

When it comes right down to it we all just want our children to be happy.  And if your child, or your child, or yours or yours are not happy, then I will make it my job to fix that. 

Care to join me? 


20 thoughts on “Teach Your Children Well”

      1. You are welcome. I like the Native Americans view. “Raise and treat the child well. They are the blood of our ancestors. You will see our grandparent in their eyes.”

  1. Love this post Brenda…i just read a similar post from a man in China as he wrote if we could all see through the eyes of an innocent child…where every moment is new… refreshing and from love. We are the change we have been looking for…including all men women and child..whose heart shines through all judgement ..Thanks for the post heart to heart Robyn

  2. I will admit up front that I have my own beliefs on the subject under discussion. I was born and raised as a Christian with a strong set of moral restraints. I had to live my whole life under these standards. I prefer to follow the fundamental tenets of Christianity that teaches us to “judge not, lest we be judged”. Our Christian nation has a divorce rate over 50% so it’s hard to do what they say not what they do. Happiness is so hard to obtain and hold onto that if you are fortunate to meet up with someone you can love and truly love you go for it.

  3. Thanks for following my blog and leading me to yours – what a lovely reflection on our responsibilities as privileged Western women and the power we hold in our hands if we can avoid the distractions of our ‘first world problems’ and focus on making a better world for our children.

  4. And the job of the men? To give women the opportunity and encouragement to express themselves with freedom and love. Children are beautiful in that they express themselves wholeheartedly. Their hearts have not been tainted by unfulfilled desires and unrealistic expectations. They simply live to learn and love

  5. I would like to believe that there are more people who believe that we are one race of people than do not. I just think the hate mongers are more vocal. It is nice to read about teaching children love, tolerance.. Keep the good work up of spreading the message. It is up to us adults to practice what we preach. We also need to express our opinions in public forums to show prejudice and hatred do not rule the day.

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